21 Comic Books That Turned Insane Out Of The Blue

“Avengers: Infinity War” is like the Super Bowl: either you saw it, or you consciously opted to miss America’s latest biggest cultural event. But football is niche compared to MARVEL MOVIES. They’re the biggest pillar of global entertainment, made by skilled professionals doing their very best work, and here’s the

5 Comics to Read Before You See Avengers: Infinity War

No matter how magnetic Josh Brolin is when wearing a full face of CGI makeup—and the answer, it seems, is a surprising “more than you’d expect”—there’s no way that Avengers: Infinity War can fulfill everyone’s Thanos thirst. The character Brolin is embodying is almost too much for one person to

5 Completely Insane Movies Starring Your Favorite Cartoons

Classic cartoon characters are loved by both the young and old. They’re almost like family pets, except better, because they never die and magically have access to dynamite at all times. But because these pop culture Methuselahs have been around since the dawn of entertainment, their IMDb pages are longer

The Dora Milaje take center stage in their own Marvel comics spinoff

Image: marvel The Dora Milaje, Wakanda’s own elite force of female protectors, are getting their own comic book spinoff. SEE ALSO: Marvel is ‘absolutely’ making a sequel to ‘Black Panther.’ Obviously. A new collection of one-shot comics under the name Wakanda Forever was announced Friday by Marvel editor Wil Moss. 

Isnt It About Time We Stopped Loathing Mickey Spillane?

They got abandoned, slapped around, and drowned. They got strung up, whipped, knifed, and/or shot. Women had it rough in Mickey Spillane novels, which led to predictable charges of misogyny, but those doing the charging tended to ignore the fact that men had it just as rough and, more to

Florence Is a Mobile Game That Captures the Power of Touch

Florence is a romance you unravel with your fingertips. Based on the first love of its titular character, the mobile game takes that most classic of coming-of-age tales and does something special. Using the touchscreen interface, it guides players through all the waxing and waning of Florence Yeoh's relationship: falling