20 facts you didn’t know about ‘Gangnam Style,’ the most popular video ever

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This summer marks the five-year anniversary of Psys worldwide hit Gangnam Style. Released on July 15, 2012, the song would become known throughout the world thanks to its highly repeatable catchphrase, as well as its absurd but wildly entertaining music video, which showcased Psy venturing through Seoul, Koreas Gangnam District. It’s still the most-viewed video in YouTube historyand with good reason.

In honor of its five-year anniversary, here are 20 facts about Gangnam Style that will remind you just how invasive the song really was. Because let’s be honest, you tried to forget it.

20 OPPA facts about “Gangnam Style”

1) Gangnam Style was Psys 18th single

Prior to Gangnam Style, Psy had already released a bunch of singles, dating back to 2001. Of course, Gangnam Style was Psys first worldwide hit, but the artist had hit the No. 1 spot several times in Korea with songs such as Bird, Champion, Entertainer, and The End.

2) Gangnam Style has been awarded several Guinness World Records

The accolades are as follows:

3) T-Pain is partially responsible for sending “Gangnam Style into the stratosphere

Screengrab via T-Pain/Twitter

T-Pain was reportedly the first celebrity to tweet about Gangnam Style, writing back on July 29, 2012, Words cannot even describe how amazing this video is. The tweet was retweeted over 2,000 times, but T-Pain didnt stop there. Three days later he tweeted the lyrics to the songs chorus, and then he tweeted a video of Psy performing Gangnam Style. By the end of August that year, the two were tweeting at each other, talking about a potential collaboration. Almost five years later and the world has yet to see a Psy and T-Pain collab, but at least well always have these tweets to remember T-Pains part in making Psy a worldwide phenomenon.

4) The Korean Tourism Organization has a Gangnam Tour

Screengrab via One Day Korea

Without Seoul, Koreas Gangnam District, there wouldnt be a Gangnam Style. And sure, although the song is a critique of the lifestyles of some of its residents (Psy has compared it to Beverly Hills and said that its only the posers and wannabes that put on these airs and say that they are Gangnam Style) its also inevitably increased international awareness of the district. So, why not spend $110 on a tour of Gangnam?

It will “take you to the most interesting sites of Gangnam and tell you about the areas history, the tours website reads. We will visit the hippest shopping districts, eat delicious foods and wander through some of the coolest neighboring areas, such as the underground shopping centers and Samsungs headquarters. If youre up for it, we can even go to a Karaoke Party or a Korean Sauna. The tour lasts six hours, so be ready to venture through the district for most of the day.

5) A Gangnam Style dance-off between two Bangkok gangs resulted in a shootout

According to Thailands Independent News Network, the incident occurredon Sept. 21, 2012. Two gangs were dining in the same restaurant when the younger members of both groups danced provocatively at each other in the manner of top hit Gangnam Style. The dance-off turned into an argument and then a shootout in which one of the gangs fired at least 50 bullets. Fortunately, no one was injured, and the two gangs (which apparently have a history of confrontation) received arrest warrants following the gun attack.

6) A group of teens in Australia took a bad batch of LSD imprinted with an image of Psy doing the Gangnam Style dance

Screengrab via officialpsy/YouTube

Dubbed Gangnam Style LSD, the drug nearly resulted in the death of a 15-year-old girl, while another teen had to be restrained after suffering violent hallucinations. It turned out that this LSD was 16 times more potent than normal LSD, which is likely why it had the effect it did on the teenagers. Two teens were ultimately arrested and charged with supplying the drug.

7) A man died while attempting the Gangnam Style dance

Eamonn Kilbride, a 46-year-old man, collapsed with chest pains and died at an office party while trying to do the Gangnam Style dance back in December 2012. The death prompted Bernard Keavney, a consultant cardiologist at Newcastle University, to advise other older men to not stray outside your comfort zone while attending Christmas parties.

8) Psy created the Gangnam Style dance during a talent contest at a post-concert event in August 2011

Speaking at Oxford University back in November 2012 about his worldwide success, Psy divulged the origins of Gangnam Style, particularly its popular dance. I was so desperate to get noticed I went to a TV production company in Korea and started doing a dancea crazy danceup and down the corridors, Psy recalled. Ultimately, the dance worked and he was offered a slot on the show. But Psy wanted to perfect the dance, so much so that he claimed to have stayed up for 30 nights to find the … dance, and tried imitating elephants, monkeys, kangaroos, and snakes, before ultimately deciding on a horse.

9) A doomsday hoax is centered around Gangnam Style

Screengrab via Imgur

It reportedly began on 9Gag (although the original link cant be found, theres an Imgur dated back to Nov. 28, 2012, that highlights the hoax), when someone connected a Nostradamus quote about the end of the world to Gangnam Style. From the calm morning, the end will come when of the dancing horse the number of circles will be nine. So, lets break that down:

  • The English translation of the characters for Korea translates to Land of the Morning Calm.
  • The dancing horse is in reference to the horse dance integral to the choreography of Gangnam Style.
  • The nine circles is in reference to the Gangnam Style music video hitting 1 billion views on Dec. 21, 2012.

Piece it all together and you have a doomsday hoax where Psy was basically supposed to usher in the destruction of the earth. Fortunately, that didnt happen.

10) Psys favorite Gangnam Style spoof was by the Ohio University Marching Band

Psy declared this particular spoof as his favorite during a Reddit AMA four years ago. However, even before the AMA, Psy had already spoken highly of the college marching band in an interview with the Herald Sun.

Some college football team at halftime, they did some marching band, playing this music and suddenly they stopped marching and they put their instrumentals down and they are dancing my dances at the football field, Psy said. That was like wow, I can tell their effort to prepare that. That was huge. Its so touching for me, thats what music is all about and thats what entertaining is all about.


11) Psy genuinely has no idea why Gangnam Style was so popular

In an episode of Koreas Ask Us Anything that aired in May 2017, Psy admitted that he didnt know Gangnam Style would become as big as it did, and he spoke of the negative impact the success had on him. It felt like it was my birthday and the day never seemed to end. Metaphorically speaking, I went up without preparing a parachute. I didnt know I would go up that high, Psy said. I tried to ignore the fact that the audience is expecting a lot from me, and later I realized that the person expecting the most out of me is myself. So after Gangnam Style, I kept on thinking, Why doesnt this song succeed like Gangnam Style? I think that period in my life was the hardest for me.

Screengrab via officialpsy/YouTube

12) There was once a Gangnam Style food cart in New York, as well as a Gangnam Style restaurant in Los Angeles

Neither the food cart or restaurant exist anymore, having popped up when Gangnam Style was still a worldwide phenomenon. But the coolest thing about both was that Psy never sued them. Although his team briefly considered legal action against the restaurant, Psy didnt care about it at all, reportedly finding the imitation a form of honor.

13) There is a Gangnam Style monument in Seoul, Korea

Unveiled last year at Seoul, Koreas Coex Mall (at the Eastern patio of the mall, where parts of the Gangnam Style music video were shot), the bronze statue shows two fists overlapping each other, referencing the popular dance associated with the hit song. But thats not all. Visitors approaching the statue can trigger sensor devices that surround the sculpture, which activates multi-colored flashing lights that are accompanied by the Gangnam Style song.

14) There is a Teddy Bear Museum in Koreas Jeju Island that features a life-size Gangnam Style bear

Photo via iamrx/Tripadvisor

First and foremost, there are three teddy bear museums throughout Korea, but the museumon Jeju Island is the one that has the Gangnam Style teddy bear. According to a Korean blog, the museum also features bear versions of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe, as well as Louis Vuitton and Swarovski bears.

15) AGangnam Style EP remix includes remixes from Afrojack and Diplo

Released in 2013, the four-song Gangnam Style (Remix Style) was highlighted by two remixes: one courtesy of Afrojack and the other Diplo, whose version features guest appearances from Tyga and 2 Chainz. Trust me when I say that the original is better, and you dont need to listen to the remixes unless you hate yourself.

16) Theres a Psy comic book

Image via M.C. Choi & Joon Han/iTunes

Titled Fame: Psy, the comic book actually begins with the artist descending from heaven and bursting through the earth, an apt metaphor for just how monumental he was in 2012. The 26-page comic then details Psys life both before and after the success of Gangnam Style, while also highlighting other parts of his life (such as when he was charged with possession of marijuana in 2002). It even includes a guide on how to do the Gangnam Style dance. The comic book is available electronically and inprint for $3.99.

17) Theres a 743-track collection of Gangnam Style mashups, reinterpretations, and remixes

It’s a sequel to 2014s GANGNAMCORE, which featured over 100 reinterpretations of Gangnam Style from Bandcamp user Triple Q.GANGNAMCORE 2 (which is actually divided into two parts) primarily features the Psy hit song combined with popular songs from Nirvana (Smells Like Teen Style), Ricky Martin (Livin La Vida Gangnam), Michael Jackson (Stylish Criminal), Eminem (Forgot About Psy) and many, many, many others. Triple Q has also released a GANGNAMCORE 3, which is just as ridiculous as its predecessors. Each collection is $7 with all proceeds going to charity.


18) Gangnam Style was used to protest censorship in China by Ai Weiwei

An ingenious use of pop culture phenomena for political and social commentary, Ai Weiwei created his own Gangnam Style spoof called Grass Mud Horse Style on Oct. 24, 2012. In the video, Weiwei not only called out the Chinese government for arresting him in 2011, but for the countrys strict censorship laws, with the name of the video referencing a made-up creature, which has become a symbol to protest censorship in China. By the afternoon of Oct. 24, the video had been viewed 300,050 times, with most views coming from outside of China. Several hours after its release, Chinese authorities took the video down.

19) Theres a conspiracy theory where if you watch Gangnam Style backward its actually about Psy losing all of his friends in a dance competition.

It seems that this theory came about in the comments section for a video of Gangnam Style being played in reverse back in July 2012.

If you watch the gangnam style clip backwards, it's about a guy losing all of his friends in a dance competition. Like and share if true!

Posted by Gangnam Style on Friday, September 7, 2012

Unsurprisingly, only a handful of people seemed to notice the darker narrative that the video was telling when played backward.

Image via Gangnam Style Psy/Facebook Images via Gangnam Style Psy/Facebook Images via Gangnam Style Psy/Facebook

20) There was a Little Psy in China, but he died

Real name Quan Minyu, the 12-year-old earned the name of Little Psy after he performed Gangnam Style on several different Chinese television talent shows. Unfortunately, in 2014,Minyu was diagnosed with a brainstem glioma (essentially a brain tumor) and traveled to South Korea in hopes of getting treated. Minyu continued to get worse and died from the effects of his illness on Feb. 6, 2016.

Screengrab via God's Jukebox

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