Florence Is a Mobile Game That Captures the Power of Touch

Florence is a romance you unravel with your fingertips. Based on the first love of its titular character, the mobile game takes that most classic of coming-of-age tales and does something special. Using the touchscreen interface, it guides players through all the waxing and waning of Florence Yeoh's relationship: falling

Black Panthers Director of Photography Is a Cinematic Superhero

As Hollywood events go, there are few more congratulatory than film festival awards ceremonies, where everyone wants to cheer for the Next Big Thing before they get huge. Yet, at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, the biggest applause at the awards show wasn’t for a director or actor—it was for

What Black Panthers Success Means for the Future of Movies

Generally, this time of year is slow at the box office. With the Oscars on the horizon, it's in some ways still the tail end of the previous cinema year, and even with summer blockbuster season creeping earlier and earlier, the big-budget tentpoles don't start rolling out for another six