Legendary entertainer and humanitarian Jerry Lewis is dead at 91

Image: ERIK PENDZICH/REX/SHUTTERSTOCK He called Dean Martin a pal, he was absolutely adored by the French, and he did true good in the world as the national chairman of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Jerry Lewis will be missed. The legendary comedian, singer, actor, filmmaker, producer, and all-around creator died in

Disney to pull all its movies off Netflix

Disney’s future is becoming clearerand that’s going to mean developing its own platforms to reach consumers. Step onebreak off its relationship with Netflix. Disney announced on Tuesday that it will pull its movies off Netflix in 2019, marking the end of a multi-year relationship that helped Netflix grow into a

Spider-Man: Homecoming and the Problem With Marvels Movie Formula

Spider-Man: Homecoming is the breezy tween-oriented Marvel movie promised by its numerous trailers, commercials, posters and other assorted PR campaign spots. Its star, Tom Hollandwho took over official web-slinging duties last year, when he cameoed in Captain America: Civil Waris as good a Peter Parker as his predecessors, Toby Maguire