This dystopia is completely ridiculous

We live in dark and darkly hilarious times. Our world has grown so bewildering and complicated, in no small part because of the finger jammed on technologys fast-forward button, that many people have given up trying to make sense of it or to make sense at all. Thats honestly my

8 Hilariously WTF Times People Did Cosplay In The Real World

Cosplay — we’re used to seeing it on Halloween, at comic conventions, and of course in the filthiest recesses of the internet. But while most cosplayers are content to just chill at conventions as Stormtrooper #8, some eccentric pioneers are trying to discover new ways to play their cos’es. They’re

Any Franchise Left To Its Own Devices Will Go Off The Rails

We are living in a uniquely bizarre period of time where, for better or worse, every piece of pop culture from the past few decades is getting constantly rebooted “for a new generation.” On a good day, this means creative people putting an interesting spin on an old property, like

How Potentially Great Movies Got Derailed By Offscreen BS

Hollywood has proved that it’s willing to turn literally anything into a movie, from children’s toys, to Reddit posts, to E.L. James novels. So, if you ever notice a film-worthy property that has remained conspicuously un-adapted, you can bet your ass that it’s not for lack of trying. In fact,

Logan Review: This Is How Wolverine Was Supposed to End

When Wolverine first appears in Logan, he’s graying and tired. His claws get stuck between his knuckles and have lost their snikt-sniktresponsiveness. He’s suicidal and he’s drinking too much, even for him. Guys he normally would have taken out with a quickness can get him on his back. He looks